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Exploring Growth and Strategy: Insights from GPO Plus Executives

Dive into this engaging conversation at the 15th Annual LD Micro Main Event in Los Angeles, featuring insights from Brett Pajunas, CEO of GPO Plus, and Joseph Jacone, President of DistroPlus. The executives discuss:

GPO Plus’s Operations: Focusing on group purchasing for specialty retailers and expanding distribution channels.
Product Development: Introduction of Herall, a natural alternative to Adderall, and strategies for product placement in rural communities.
Pandemic Response and Pivot: Shifting to health products during COVID-19.
Future Outlook: Expanding product lines and distribution networks.
Manufacturing and Sourcing: Emphasizing in-house production and effective sourcing for competitive advantage.
Facility Information: Headquarters in Las Vegas and distribution centers in Michigan and Texas.
New Products on the Horizon: Launch of a more accessible four-pack version of Herall for convenience stores.
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