We offer GPOX Brands, Licensed Brands, + Partner Brands;

each of which is designed to deliver value and performance to our customers.

Product Development & Manufacturing

Products + Brands

Our product portfolio is comprised of best-in-class, high-quality, innovative, and fully compliant products representing numerous brands spanning multiple categories.

We represent and develop novel consumer products + services to meet customer needs and marketplace demands with a focus on the following categories:

  • Vitamins, Nutraceuticals + Nutritional Products.
  • Tobacco; Disposable Nicotine Vape Products + Accessories.
  • General Merchandise (products) for Specialty Retailers.
  • Recreational Hemp, Kratom + CBD Consumer Packaged Goods.

Plug + Play In-Store Destinations.

We currently have 5 in-store destinations we service!

  • 2 Countertop Displays: Feel Good Shop+ + Nicotine Shops.
  • 1 Behind the Counter Display.
  • HBA Shelves – including General Merchandise.
  • Beverage Vault (inside coolers + stand alone displays.

We tailor our product mix to achieve the highest margins for both our customers + our bottom line!




HERBERALL® by Nutriumph® Powerful Brain Supplement is a natural dietary supplement designed to improve your memory and focus. It’s a powerful brain support supplement blend that promotes mental awareness and alertness. Designed to Boost Focus, Memory, Enhance Mental Clarity, Support Mood, Concentration and Energy, Improve Cognitive performance.*



Fast Performance Through Nutrition

Nutriumph® is an innovative supplement company that believes that we can utilize nature’s gifts as medicine and that the human body was designed to heal and achieve its greatest performances through great care and proper nutrition.


Mr. Vapor

Premium Nicotine Vapes

Mr. Vapor was founded in 2014 as an extension of Wild Bill’s Tobacco and quickly rose to be its own brand as a pioneer in the e-cigarette industry. They pride themselves on being innovative and using the latest technology to deliver an exceptional vaping experience.


Date Night

Keep the Night Going!