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Introducing: Smart Group Buying

GPO+ saves money for clients by leveraging the buying power of the group. We negotiate low-cost agreements with high-quality suppliers, fostering long-term supplier and buyer partnerships.

GPO+ provides group purchasing and spend management services to a diverse client base, including firms both large and small, in industries from professional services to retail.

GPO+ pricing agreements cover a number of everyday products used by firms in all industries, including such areas as office supplies, small parcel shipping, records management, and print services.

Our advanced spend data analytics platform, market intelligence and proprietary strategic sourcing approach produce significant and lasting cost savings.

GPO+ services include:

  • Group Purchasing: access to pricing agreements covering everything from staplers to shredding
  • Custom Contracting: for non-standard or high-impact supplier agreements
  • Spend Advisory: expert advice and services from experienced professionals

Contact us today to explore the savings GPO+ can deliver to your organization.


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