Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing are integral to GPOX's success, driving brand awareness, customer acquisition, and market penetration.


Meaningful brand-audience connections drive success.

Our purpose is to create meaningful connections between our audience and the products they seek. Here at GPOPlus, we use a variety of cutting-edge technologies, marketing platforms, and channels to engage new and existing customers and audiences, driving them to one of our 5 In-Store Touchpoints.

By building brand awareness, fostering loyalty, and learning, we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our focus is on creating the system for multiple touchpoints that enable us to expand our reach and connect with our audience in meaningful ways.

Plug & Play In-Store Destinations.

Our store-within-a-store concept, FeelGoodShop+, contains multiple spaces like the Nicotine Shop, Behind The Counter, Health & Beauty, and the Beverage Vault, each offering a specialized selection to enhance the shopping experience with curated products for well-being, enjoyment, and daily care.



At FeelGoodShop+, we offer a secure space for customers to indulge in our top-of-the-line specialty products. With our unparalleled sourcing and exceptional product selection, we can guarantee customer satisfaction at every visit.


Nicotine Shop

Our Nicotine Shop provides a specialized countertop display, offering a premium selection of nicotine products for discerning customers


Behind Counter

Behind the counter is our exclusive showcase for wraps, Delta-8, HHC, CBD, and Delta-10 items, strategically placed for optimal customer engagement.


Health & Beauty

Within the Health & Beauty aisles, our products stand out, integrating seamlessly with customer’s daily wellness routines.


Beverage Vault

Our Beverage Vault lines the cold section with a variety of refreshing drinks, inviting customers to discover their new favorite beverage in the chilled section.



GPOX has multiple sales channels to sell our products direct to consumer & to specialty retailers. We continue to develop & optimize our sales channels, drive growth in our business.

Inside Sales:

Our Inside Sales Team is comprised of knowledgeable sales representatives who are available to help customers over the phone.

Outside Sales:

Our Outside Sales team is comprised of knowledgeable sales representatives who visit retail locations + are available by appointment + in person.

Digital Sales:

Our Digital Sales Team is comprised digital marketing experts who constantly push the limit on new marketing technologies.