Alameda Unified School District launches COVID-19 testing program

Schools and parents in Alameda are looking to return to in class learning by the end of the month with the assistance of a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program designed to test everyone in the district to include all of the students and staff. However teachers and students will not be the first to be tested. 

According to Alameda Unified School District, the opening phase of testing that started on Wednesday will include staffers who have been on campus since the start of the shutdowns. Some of  the positions to participate in the first round of testing include food service workers, custodians and clerical staff.

“You know, these are some of the unsung heroes,” said Alameda Unified School District Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi. “Folks that have been here since March keeping things flowing we’re ready when it’s time for kids to come back.”

“We know how to teach kids. We know curriculum and instruction, that’s our purview. But Now we’ve had to expand and do some pretty major operations and logistics in the area of public health and testing,” said Scuderi.

Superintendent of Alameda Unified School District Pasquale Scuderi outlines in an interview with KRON4 how the program is going so far.